Private or semi-private sessions 

Kirra designs programs based on bioindividuality.  Her programs address your specific needs and goal. The different elements of yoga, including mental, breath-work and the physical all tie together to help empower your drive towards health and wellness. Kirra will modify her instruction for a broad range of conditions, and may compliment your medical care through strength conditioning, meditation, Yoga Nidra, holistic mind/body connection, and intelligent prevention. 

Kirra has over 700hr of yoga training under her belt, and has experience teaching beginners through advanced students. Private sessions can focus on simple movement, flexibility, alignment, advanced variations, philosophy, breath-work...whatever you need.

Sessions can be held in your home, office or a studio space.



Corporate Yoga is being embraced by many progressive businesses and is a great benefit. Kirra offer a range of practices from slow and meditative to energizing and active. Kirra gets to know your staff and find out the type of practice most needed. Yoga provides the benefits of relaxation/stress management training and fitness. 

Benefits Include:

• Lower healthcare costs and decrease the frequency & duration of absenteeism
• Increase efficiency, productivity & creativity
• Improve focus under deadline
• Improve mindset, morale and loyalty.
• Enhance employee strength, posture and health & decrease chronic pain
• Decrease employee fatigue & back pain
• Decrease employee disease risk factors



A prolonged meditation practice his side effects such as mental clarity, reduced stress,  and improved decision-making along with improved impulse control, creativity and memory... are just a few of the many benefits of regular meditation.

With regular sessions, participants are introduced to several methods and are taught how to build a personal meditation practice that can be accessed any time, anywhere. 

Available for;
Private yoga / Semi Private


Please contact to set up an initial private or to purchase a package of classes.