There is no one magic diet or cure for anyone. That's where bio-individuality comes into play. I will teach you what is the right food and fuel for your body. You will learn about food, exercise, health, and mindfulness/meditation through an individualized program.

-Reduce stress
-Ditch old habits that don’t serve you anymore.
-Learn how to make lifestyle changes rather than diets.
-Become happier, have more energy, and a feeling of balance.
-Learn how to take better care of yourself nutritionally, mentally, physically & spiritually.



Would like to start a yoga practice or dive deeper into your practice? Perhaps you need extra attention due to an injury or you just like working one-on-one. Or maybe you would like to bring yoga to you and your friends or your workplace. 

Available in your home or office around the New York City
-Private yoga/Semi Private
-Group or Events



A customized approach to mindful and dynamic movement that builds graceful strength and confidence.

Weight loss, Tone, Strength, Flexibility, Cardio & Yoga/HIIT fusion