Beautiful People,

I've recently been hired by the amazingly vibrant company, ((305 Fitness)), which is killing it in NYC, Boston, and DC, with the not-to-far future plans to expand even broader. I'm stoked to be a part of the family!

The company is based around the concept of Dance Cardio (basically non-stop moving your asssssss!) BUT, that's not quite my domain, twerking has never been my thing... (I'm working on it). The company is launching their new Yoga/dance (AKA 305 Flow!), and that's where I fit in. 

Click here to read my write-up on their blog. I absolutely love it!

Read it - Love it - Then GET YOUR ASS TO CLASS!

I'll be teaching every Friday at 5:30pm and again on Sundays at 12:15...(you can brunch and mimosa after!)

Check them out on Instagram @305fitness and the inter web